Principal Message

We have started our first glorious session 2015-16.

Dear Parents,

We have started our first glorious session 2015-16. Let us begin a journey to learn through experiences, observations, hard work and commitments. It’s a beginning of a new era of education in Azamgarh. This School will provide quality education to the students using the latest and the best methods being used all over the world. We will provide opportunities to students to take part in National and International level competitions in every field i.e. academics, sports and cultural. Development of body, mind and soul will be emphasized upon. It is a long journey towards perfection just begun. The journey can be rewarding and full of accomplishments if you strive to remove barriers of effectiveness. It is important to chart the road map with positive attitude, ambition and action. The path is tortuous, up and down. The wheels of progress will have to be steered with determination, direction and sense of purpose. You should be responsible and accept duties. You are expected to do every day what you have to do even if you do not like to do it. That way you imbibe habit of doing duty without pain. I feel immense pleasure presenting our first School Almanac 2015-16 in your hand for the purpose of making you acquainted with the school’s rules and regulations and to make the communication highly effective. School Almanac is a very important link between home and school. All necessary details of information about the rules and regulations of the school are given in it. It also provides details about the performance of the child in academics as well as in other activities. You are expected to go through the pages of the Almanac regularly to know about these details. We intend to use this Almanac to establish a valuable understanding between parents and the teachers. While the teachers have been instructed to make the relevant entries in it every day to keep in touch with their ward’s progress. When any note is made by the school to the parent about the irregularity or failure of the pupil to do homework, they should respond by signing on the specified pages of this diary. Similarly, the parents can send message on pages meant for them. We will do our best and expect the same from you. School and home must work together, in perfect co-ordination to shape the future career of our children. Let us make the best of every situation. You gain confidence and strength when you navigate through challenges.

‘When the road you are trudging seems all uphill, where care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must, but do not quit. There are miles to go and promises to keep before you sleep.’ Circulars both general & topical are given time to time. Parents are requested to acknowledge the receipt of such circulars on respective pages in the School Almanac. Such practice will smoothen communication and help in better home school transaction. It will be good to remember that any comment made herein must refer only to the student’s work and conduct. The purpose will not be served if any criticism of the teaching methods or conditions at home, figure in these pages bringing the home and the school at variance with each other. Such criticism, if necessary, can be conveyed in separate letters addressed to the Principal who will certainly look into these matters at his level. You are requested to read and sign the remarks given by teacher’s coordinators and the Principal check the marks entered for weekly tests and term exams and write to us if you have any suggestions. Our combined efforts will help our children to be the best in every field and that’s what we wish for. If you do not wish to reveal your identity, please ring up the Principal. Your difficulty will, normally, be sorted out within 24 hours. Looking forward to your continued help, support and active co-operation.

“Next to faith in God is faith in Labour” – Boer.

Saiyed Israr Ahmad